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Get peace of mind that when you bid or make an offer on a property, it is within your affordability price bracket. We pre-qualify you so that you can buy with confidence.

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Buying property offers tremendous opportunities to create wealth. The challenge however is that most people do not have sufficient spare cashflow to conclude the transaction without taking out a mortgage bond to cover the price of the purchase.

Bonds by The Gavelry offers the solution as we take the hassle out of obtaining a mortgage bond for your property by applying to the banks on your behalf.

Whether you have already found a property or are just keen to know how much you would qualify for, contact Bonds by The Gavelry.


Prudent investors want to know how much they qualify for before they start bidding on a property.

By pre-qualifying for a mortgage bond, you will be able to get an idea of the maximum home loan you will likely qualify for as well as get a basic overview of your creditworthiness.

We can assist with the completion of an application form, load the info electronically and send you feedback, based on your finances.


You know more or less how much you qualify for to purchase a property;

By being pre-qualified, you avoid putting in an offer on properties you cannot afford;

You can confidently bid on a property, knowing that you have already been provisionally qualified;

The process will highlight any issues with your credit record so that you can address these before you attempt to purchase a property.


If you are ready to purchase a specific property, we will take care of all the intricacies associated with the application. You effectively complete one application form and work with one person who then applies on your behalf to the major South African banks.

Our consultants follow up with the banks and try to negotiate the best possible rate on your behalf. Whether you are able to put down a deposit or require a 100% mortgage bond to purchase a property, Bonds by The Gavelry can assist.


  • You work with one person that submits your application to the banks;
  • We provide you with various comparative quotes;
  • We negotiate the best interest rates and most favourable terms possible;
  • We can apply for a zero-deposit mortgage bond if required;
  • We provide confidential, personal and professional service.