After being in the property industry for some time we realized that growing your wealth or purchasing your dream home in a rapidly changing environment can be riddled with uncertainty. Bonds by The Gavelry was established to provide our clients with a manner of certainty, via pre-qualifications and bond applications.

We have spent copious amounts of time making these processes as seamless, simple and user-friendly as possible.

We pride ourselves as a mortgage origination company striving to assist clients with fast friendly and effective service.

We know that those who step up, face the challenges and keep the wheels turning, are those who will benefit during difficult times. We are here and ready to assist!


We strive to be the first online auction-based investment house shaped exclusively around the digital experience. Our ambition is to provide an intuitive, smart platform for investors looking to create, protect or grow their personal or business wealth through the auction process.

We understand that for us to gain the trust and confidence of an often-wary customer, we need to operate at a higher standard than that set by the traditional auction industry.

Consequently, we pledge to a code of ethics and the adoption of a value system that is transparent, always fair and unmistakeably customer focused. We are determined to shift negative perceptions with regards to the traditional auction industry and guarantee that any dealing with The Gavelry will be executed with professionalism, discretion and to the ultimate benefit of our clients.

Our Vision

To become a premier online auction brand – delivering real value to our client’s auction experience and providing them with a reliable, consistent and trusted additional channel with which to create, grow and protect their wealth.

Our Purpose

To harness world-class thinking with state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver a smarter, more focussed auction experience to clients looking to enhance their wealth.

Our Manner

We see ourselves as an exclusive high-end business club. Devoted to providing our members with access to the finer things in life. As such, our members are entitled to a premium experience and exceptional service at all times. Our integrity and discretion are paramount. Welcoming, friendly and always respectful, we are here to provide a unique and fulfilling experience to those that put their trust with us.